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Braces 101

Deciding to seek treatment for to meet your orthodontic needs is very important. At Blossom Kare Orthodontics, a crucial role in making sure your treatment is to make sure our patients are well informed. It is easier to make a well informed decision regarding treatment when you know the details of what is happening. Typically, patients are more at ease and comfortable when they’ve had an in-depth explanation of the process. 

With Braces 101, you can learn more about the whole picture of living with braces and what to expect while you are undergoing treatment.  First, we'll go over the visual guide of ‘Parts and Types of Braces’ in regards to the different parts of braces. Next, we'll discuss what you would experience the first few days after you get your braces on, and how you can make your treatment easier. The next important phase of treatment involves retainers. In addition to all of this information, we’ve got a section on emergency care. We want our patients to be prepared in the event that something unexpected occurs! Review our Braces 101 guide, and feel more comfortable with the whole process.

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